German-Hungarian Security Policy Dialogue

Starting from the firm foundation of wishing to end the decades-long division of Europe, Berlin and Budapest might have disagreed on some issues over the past three decades, but there is no doubt that the two countries are tied together through a complex web of political, economic, cultural, as well as security and defence policy relations.

Yet, discussions among policy experts have remained sporadic and less visible, especially in the field of security and defence, leaving the opportunities offered by track two diplomacy somewhat untapped. This is the main reason why the Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Budapest decided to fill in this gap through initiating the German–Hungarian Security Policy Dialogue in 2021.

The authors of the current volume discuss five topics from German and Hungarian perspectives. These include the analysis of historic perspectives on German–Hungarian relations since 1990; the evaluation of European and foreign policy aspects of the Merkel era; the assessment of the prospects of German–Hungarian relations; the analysis of the strategic situation of the European Union; as well as the evaluation of German–Hungarian defence policy relations. We are convinced that the short essays presented here will help us understand the various viewpoints, around which the German and Hungarian perspectives converge and diverge.

The volume can be downloaded here: German-Hungarian Security Policy Dialogue

ISBN: 978-615-80903-7-7

December, 2021