General background

The National University of Public Service has been granted multi-annual research funds from the European Union through the government of Hungary for the purposes of developing good governance practices, adopting best practices in this field, and improving the training, education and work of those employed in the public sector. Two main fields are to be targeted within this wide framework: KÖFOP-2.1.1. on developing public service institutions, training, education and services, and KÖFOP-2.1.2. on improving international embeddedness and developing research programs. Research grants are available to NUPS’ established research centers, research groups on specific topics and individual faculty members of NUPS for advancing skills, aiding research and supporting academic qualifications.

Within the KÖFOP-2.1.2-VEKOP-15–2016-00001 ‘Public Service Development Establishing Good Governance’ project funding framework the Center for Strategic and Defense Studies applied for funding from NUPS in an overarching research project ‘Strategic Analyses for Supporting Governmental Decision-making in the Field of Foreign and Security Policy’.


Further information on the funding frameworks in Hungarian.