Hungarian and Turkish foreign policy: mutual relations in new era

The Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies (ISDS) and the Istanbul based Centre for Diplomatic Affairs and Political Studies (DIPAM) organized their first joint workshop on Hungarian and Turkish foreign policy on 14th April. The participants gave an overview of the main characteristics of Hungarian and Turkish foreign policy and elaborated on the Hungarian-Turkish relations. They underscored the phenomenon of being located between East and West regarding foreign policy realities in the case of both countries. The opportunities of strengthening the relationship between Turkey and Hungary reflect this, as Turkey may play a significant role in the Hungarian government Eastern relations while Turkey may benefit from Hungary’s support for Ankara within the European Union. 



13:00-13:15: Introductory remarks by Dr. Péter Tálas, Director, Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies (ISDS)
Tolga Sakman Director, Center for Diplomatic Affairs and Political Studies (DIPAM)

13:15-14:15: Panel I 
Moderator: Ferenc Németh, Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT)
Dr. Tamás Baranyi, (IFAT)
Dr. Zoltán Egeresi, (ISDS)

14:15-14:30: Break

14:30-15:30: Panel II 
Moderator: Murat Jane (Istanbul Aydin University)
Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoglu (DIPAM)
Prof. Aylin Ünver Noi (Halic University)

15:30-15:35: Concluding remarks: Tolga Sakman, Dr. Zoltán Egeresi