Turkey in a Changing World

The Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies, National University of Public Service and the Department for International Relations, Corvinus University of Budapest have organised our traditional online workshop entitled 'Turkey in a Changing World' on 17th March. This year's workshop was opened by Prof. Dr. Emel Oktay's keynote speech about International Relations studies in Turkey. As the event aimed at giving PhD students and young researchers the opportunity to present their Turkey-related researches in the form of short presentations a wide range of topics were discussed by the participants from the EU-Turkey migration deal to Turkey's foreign policy in Iraq. 


Program of the workshop:

13:00-13:05 Opening remarks: Dr. Dániel Vékony, Zoltán Egeresi

13:05-13:30 Opening speech:
Prof. Dr. Emel G. Oktay: A Survey of International Relations Studies in Turkey

13:30-15:00 1st Panel:
Moderator: Tamás Dudlák

 Sára Gibárti: Assisting Syrian refugees in Turkey: a UN perspective  

Tuğçe Kılıç: The EU-Turkey Deal: Between Externalizing the Borders and Shifting the Burden

Zoltán Egeresi: Dealing with the Diaspora: Turkey’s Kin-state policy

15:00-15:20 Break

15:20-16:50 2nd Panel:
Moderator: Zoltán Egeresi

Dr. Péter Kacziba: Shifting towards the Eastern Mediterranean: Recent Reorientations in the Greek Foreign Policy

Ragıp Serkan Karslı: Force According to Its Place: The Realist Traces in Turkish Foreign Policy

Tamás Dudlák: Islamism, Sunnism, and Sectarianism as driving forces of Turkish Foreign Policy in Iraq

16:50-17:00 Concluding Remarks: Zoltán Egeresi

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